About Us

YALCON INTRA LIMITED is a specialist in watertreatment systems and its organic and anorganic chemical products applied in these processes.

WITHOUT WATER THERE’S NO LIFE. That’s why we’re so passionate about its chemistry and treatment-dosing systems to avoid spillage.

Sectors served are hotels, recreational parks, large commercial pools, golf courts, sewage-water treatment & grey water plants, agricultural sector and industrial waste-water treatment facilities to mention a few.

Our products are manufactured by well-known state of-the-art producers in USA, EUROPE , JAPAN and CHINA.

Yalcon Intra Ltd represents these producers in several countries and areas. Our designated producers are all working according several international quality standards and are certified as such.

The focus is on long term contracts & close cooperation with our clients, but the spotmarket with its sometimes unpredictable tendencies remains of vital importance to us as well.

Our Mildenhall head office is located in the beautiful county of Suffolk and our service centre is in London City Centre, one of the leading financial and trading hotspots in the world with its superb connectivity.

Storage of our products & related warehousing activities is mostly outsourced to reputable logistics services providers which we selected with the highest care.

However, in a few countries, we organize our own logistics operations. On these premises, we take care of bulk cargoes to be either bagged, drummed, or filled in smaller units and label these according to customer specifications.

A team of experts can advise you on transport solutions and methods. Whether that be by ship, barge, road, train or a multimodal combination….. in the end the client decides. In this environmentally conscious era, our logistics partners can offer tools to calculate CO2 and other transport-related emissions to create options for our clients.